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Posted by Unitas Financial Services on May 1, 2020 10:30:00 AM EDT

Real Estate Investor Master Insurance PolicyLike most Real Estate Investors, you have invested a lot of time, effort, and money in choosing the best strategy and properties for your real estate portfolio. Whether your portfolio is still growing or you have a well-developed portfolio already it is important to keep those locations and properties protected to maximize your investment returns. Just like your business has evolved from the first property into a real asset, so do the protection needs.

Insurance is most often regarded as a necessary evil since the only time it is not just an expense is when you have a claim which is usually not an experience you have planned for or want. In fact, insurance should give you peace of mind that in the event of a disaster, you are ok. Your physical assets are protected and your loss of income can be replaced.

Traditionally, an investor could insure each property individually with its own policy. This can be a time-consuming process that can easily produce an error resulting in financial loss. Couple this with the fact that many investors have challenges managing multiple properties over sometimes vast geographical areas. Managing collections, repair & maintenance, bills, notices, taxes, emergencies and just trying to have happy tenants can be a real task. Maintaining insurance to protect your collateral can often slip between the cracks and lapse.

One form of insurance that can streamline the entire insurance process is a Master Real Estate Investor Insurance Program. This program allows you to protect all your properties with one master policy. In addition to simplifying the insurance process for your portfolio, you can also see drastic savings because you are bundling the protection of your assets. As long as you maintain at least five properties in your portfolio you are eligible and there is no maximum number of properties. 

With the Master Real Estate Investor Insurance Program, you no longer have to maintain a separate policy for each property. This eliminates much of the paperwork associated with all of those policies. Imagine only having to manage one property and the simplicity of only having to pay one insurance premium with either a monthly or annual bill. It’s no wonder that so many real estate investors have opted into this program and never looked back.

The program is also adaptable to your evolving portfolio. As you sell or purchase properties they can be easily added or removed from the policy through an easy to online portal. Through this portal, you can receive your proof of insurance in a matter of minutes as it doesn’t require any approvals or paperwork. Additionally, the property schedule is easy to read so you can quickly confirm that all your properties are covered and that none have fallen through the cracks.

Individual insurance policies often have restrictions on how you may be able to structure ownership of your investments. Our programs are designed for Real Estate Investors and allow you to hold the title as an individual, a partnership, corporation, S-corp, LLC, or a limited partnership. Virtually, any type of ownership is allowed to utilize the Master Real Estate Investor Insurance Program.

A Real Estate Investor Master Insurance Policy is the best practice to provide the most complete coverage, the lowest rates through volume pricing, ease and simplicity of use, and most importantly, peace of mind and security that you are protected!

Choosing the right insurance partner is a very important decision. By choosing Unitas Financial Services you have the benefit of working with experienced professionals that understand and administer programs that are designed for the Real Estate Industry. To discuss what insurance solutions are right for you, please click below to schedule a free consultation.

Let's Talk about a Master Policy for your Real Estate Investments

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