Screenshot 2018-01-30 21.44.57Screenshot 2017-09-28 11.33.55Is your lending institution still trying to track and force-place insurance on your customers?  

Do you struggle with the time it takes and the negative customer interactions that can occur especially if coverage is force-placed in error? Our blanket products allow you to focus on lending, not on being insurance providers.  

Our blanket programs for lenders eliminate insurance tracking, there is no force-placing of CPI and Hazard or flood policies, no more letters, phone calls, or emails between you and your borrowers and local insurance agents.  

Our Blanket Insurance solutions cover your entire mortgage or consumer portfolio and eliminate:

  1. Insurance tracking and potential for human error (you don’t track, we don’t track)
  2. Expensive and time-consuming letters, emails, calls, to and from borrowers and local agents
  3. Internal staffing hours spent on tracking
  4. All of the negative, non-borrower friendly touches from tracking

Is it a priority for you to save money, eliminate human error, and streamline processes that lead to increased productivity and better customer experiences, all while fully protecting your collateralized portfolio?

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