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Preparing For Storm Season

Submitted by Unitas Financial Services on July 06, 2023

Storm season is already upon us, and while we can’t control the weather, we can take steps to be prepared. There is no time like the present to start taking preventative measures to help your household be prepared for the unpredictability of Mother Nature.

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The Benefits of a Vendor’s Single Interest Policy, According to AI

Submitted by Unitas Financial Services on June 27, 2023

It seems like all anyone can talk about these days is AI (artificial intelligence), and for good reason. AI is at the forefront of helping companies across many industries streamline and improve efficiency. So, it was no surprise when we asked ChatGPT about the benefits of a vendor’s single interest policy that the response was spot-on.

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Blanket Insurance and Your Core System

Submitted by Allen Moss on July 30, 2022

Core banking systems integrate with and have become essential to most of the services modern lending institutions provide. When it comes to loan servicing, your core system is often the conduit through which the essential process of insuring collateral portfolios is performed. Maintaining appropriate insurance coverage is so important that lender insurers have developed high-tech software that interacts with a lender’s core system to facilitate that coverage. With good reason, lending managers and executives are acutely concerned with how well an insurance process will work with the institution’s core system. For that reason, when discussing Blanket Portfolio Insurance, lending executives often ask me the following questions:

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Insurance Meets Inflation. Will my rates go up?

Submitted by Matt Moore on July 18, 2022

May of this year marked the highest rate of inflation in four decades. Consumers are feeling the pain at the pump, the grocery, and when shopping for virtually any good or service. But what impact does record-breaking inflation have on the cost of a property and casualty insurance policy? 

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Making the Switch from Tracking Insurance to a Blanket Policy

Submitted by Tod Hastings on June 30, 2022

Many of our current customers that have elected to implement blanket insurance to mitigate the risk of uninsured or under-insured collateralized loans did so from some type of insurance tracking program.  Some were tracking internally, and some were outsourcing the function to a third party.  Two questions they all had in common as they considered moving to a blanket program were, “How do we make this switch?” and “What kind of work will be involved on our end?”

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Growth in Community Banking:

Submitted by Brian J. Ruhe on June 22, 2022


Balancing Increased FTE Expense with Improved Process Efficiencies

Across various parts of the country, community banks and credit unions are experiencing massive overall growth. This has led to faster growth in return on asset ratios, higher net interest margins, and higher loan growth rates. Even with looming economic hurdles on the horizon and talks of an impending recession, executives at these community financial institutions are trying to strike the balance between managing the growth, maintaining operational efficiency, maximizing talent management, and navigating new employee hiring cycles. At an elevated level, let’s focus on this continuous attempt for community lenders to find the balance on these multiple fronts.

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