Advanced Property Tax Solutions


The New Standard in Tax Servicing has Arrived

What happens when you combine the best customer service with never-before seen business intelligence? The most comprehensive and transparent tax servicing platform in the industry.

Lender Benefits

  • Protect Your Lien Position
  • Lower Processing Costs
  • Elimination of Penalty and Interest
  • Reduced Risk of Tax Sale Loss
  • Manage Risk & Maintain Control
  • Online Access to View Your Loan Portfolio
  • Shift employees to profitable activities
  • Build Better Relationships with Customers

Delinquency Monitoring

  • Tax Sensitive Monitoring Schedules
  • Delinquency Notifications
  • 3-Year Back Search
  • Tax Lien Transfer Monitoring
  • Tax Expense Forecasting Tools
  • Exception Based Reporting
  • Customized Analytics

Tax Analytics

  • Proprietary Information Verification 
  • Proprietary Information Validation
  • Escrow Tax Line Setup
  • Payee Identification
  • Exception Management
  • Online Dashboard View
  • Upload & Store Deeds Systematically


The Future of Property Tax Servicing (002)Loan Conversion

Our proprietary Auto Locate technology quickly and accurately identifies the Parcels and Taxing jurisdictions, ensuring a smooth and fast transition to our servicing platform.


4The Future of Property Tax Servicing (002)Monitor the Operation

Want to see how we are doing? Through our online portal you will have unparalleled visibility into the inner workings of our services internal operation. You will know exactly where your portfolio stands with the click of a button.


2 The Future of Property Tax Servicing (002)Minimal Out-of-Pocket Fees

Virtually all our fees are TRID eligible, meaning our clients have the option to pass through some/all expenses at closing.


5The Future of Property Tax Servicing (002)

Tax Payment Service

Our Tax Payment Service takes the risk of making escrow payments off your plate. If you give us bad intelligence and we report bad, we accept liability. That’s what a business partner does.

Let's talk about Tax Tracking Services


3 The Future of Property Tax Servicing (002)Payment Verification

Actionable intelligence on delinquent tax payments can save properties and enhance relationships between the lender and the borrower. We make sure you are alerted to delinquencies as soon as possible, and work on your behalf to resolve them.


6The Future of Property Tax Servicing (002)

Customer Service

How valuable would it be to have industry experts are at your fingertips? Our Customer Service team is fully integrated into our client portal, so our best in class team of professionals can resolve issues even faster. You need us, we are here.