The World's Simplest Multi-Property Insurance and Tenant Damage Protection

Tenant Liability Protection protects your bottom line.

Here are a few reasons why property managers we work with love using our
tenant property damage
  • Protects you if damage exceeds a renter’s insurance policy limit
  • Save money on repairs that cost more than the security deposit
  • Covers both property damage and liability
  • Lower security deposit requirements for tenants due to decreased risk
  • Low, easy to meet $250 deductible
  • Avoid having to make claims on your primary insurance policy
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Managing multiple property insurance policies for your real estate portfolio doesn't have to be difficult?

managing mutiple investment properties needs help
We make real estate portfolio insurance easy with our Real Estate Investor Insurance Program. 
  • One all-inclusive master policy for properties in your portfolio
  • An easy-to-use online portal to easily add or remove properties in minute
  • Monthly premium payments to ease cash flow concerns from annual premiums
  • The ability to scale as your portfolio grows
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