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As a landlord or property manager, you are exposed to damages and the associated expense caused by tenants and guests. A primary loss concern is whether or not the tenant had a Renter’s Insurance Policy (HO4) in force to cover the expense.

Our Tenant Liability Protection helps you mitigate your risk for a direct, unintended physical loss arising out of an act committed by or at the direction of a covered tenant to the Insured’s property. Covered losses are those caused by fire, explosion, smoke, or water damage for amounts not covered or in excess of what is covered by any security deposit and/or benefits due from a Renter’s Insurance Policy (HO4). You have the option of coverage up to $100k per unit with a $250 deductible.

Benefits of Tenant Liability Protection:

  • Reduces or eliminates your need to track renter policies for cancellation or lapse
  • Protects all units under one policy
  • Protects the loss ratio for your owner’s policy
  • Has a smaller deductible than your owner’s policy
  • May reduce the premiums on your owner’s policy
  • May eliminate numerous small claims filed on your owner’s policy


A tenant’s loss of contents is often catastrophic for that tenant. Our Property Management Solutions can be enhanced with optional Tenant Contents designed to cover damage to personal property owned by the tenant or a member of the tenant’s household. 

Coverage is limited to a loss due to fire, lightning, explosion, smoke, vandalism & malicious mischief, theft, impact of aircraft, vehicles, or falling objects. Coverage limits are a $5,000 benefit with a $250 deductible or a $10,000 benefit with a $500 deductible.  


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