Additional Mortgage Solutions


Equity Default Protection

This program supports increased loan production, allowing higher LTV limits on second mortgage, home equity, and home improvement loans, while mitigating the risk of borrower default. It improves the performance metrics of a lender’s home equity portfolio and allows safer growth with the assurance that claims will be triggered by 90-day delinquency for the entire outstanding loan balance up to program limits.

Flood Determination Certificates

Flood Determination Certificates can help lenders understand and manage risk by stating whether a property is "in" or "out" of a FEMA designated Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). Flood hazard data services, including flood zone determinations, aerial dispute resolution products, FEMA community data, portfolio reviews and Elevation Certificates are available.

Tax Tracking

Delinquent tracking (D-Track) service is designed for residential and commercial mortgage servicers and asset managers with non-escrow portfolios. Tracking begins immediately after-tax payment due dates and continues with monthly status updates until accounts are paid.

Escrow Reporting

Continuous Tracking (C-Track) service is designed specifically for commercial and residential mortgage servicers, distressed asset servicers, and REO servicers who need tax amount reporting, but want to keep the tax payment process in-house. It includes D-Track payment verification to provide clients with continuous tracking of all accounts, from the time taxes are billed until they are paid.

Settlement Services for Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Leveraging a single resource for settlement services can create process efficiencies and lead to reduced time to close and increased client profitability.

Products include:

  • Flood Determinations
  • Valuations (Residential and Commercial)
  • Title Searches
  • Tax Searches
  • Alternative Title Products
  • Employment and Income Verification

Mortgage Life Insurance

This insurance helps to avoid financial loss by paying off or reducing the outstanding mortgage balance in the event of the insured’s death. Single and joint borrower coverage is available. *

Mortgage 2 in 1 Life Plus Insurance

The 2 in 1 Life Plus Protection plan is a unique, low-cost alternative to full Mortgage Life Insurance. Under this protection plan, borrowers are covered for either a natural caused death, or accidental death. Rates are the same for all ages and borrowers can choose the monthly benefit amount up to the total monthly mortgage payment. *

Mortgage Accidental Death Insurance

This insurance product protects borrowers from an unexpected, accidental death. Mortgage Accidental Death Insurance is designed to pay off or reduce a remaining mortgage balance due to death by a covered accident. There are no physical exams or health questions and borrowers under age 70 automatically qualify. Single and joint borrower coverage is available. *

Mortgage Disability Insurance

This insurance helps to avoid financial loss by making monthly mortgage payments if a borrower becomes temporarily or permanently disabled. This plan pays a monthly disability benefit up to plan maximum of $1,500, but no more than the total monthly mortgage payment at time of application. *

*Exclusions may apply. Not available in all states. Rates may differ based on state.

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