Insurance Programs for Real Estate Investors, Property Managers, and Landlords

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Unitas Financial Services (UFS) offers affordable insurance programs for Real Estate Investors, Landlords, and Property Managers.

Our Real Estate Investor Insurance Program is designed to provide high-quality insurance protection at an affordable cost for portfolios of 10 or more properties. 

Our Tenant Liability Protection helps you mitigate your risk for a direct, unintended physical loss arising out of an act committed by or at the direction of a covered tenant to the Insured’s property.

Our Landlord Insurance Program allows you to rent your properties with confidence. Landlord insurance will protect you financially from damages or injuries related to your rental property. 

Our Involuntary Unemployment Mortgage Payment Waiver provides a direct benefit to your borrower by covering their residential mortgage principal and interest payments if the borrower becomes involuntarily unemployed and loses their income.


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