Vendor's Single Interest | VSI Insurance

Vendor's Single Interest or VSI Insurance covers a lender’s consumer portfolio from uninsured losses to repossessed or unrecoverable collateral.   All new and existing loans are automatically covered at policy inception. The blanket nature of the policy eliminates the need to track and force-place insurance after loan closing and skip tracing services help locate missing collateral.

  • Prevents negative contact with borrowers regarding insurance lapses
  • Eliminates the time and expense to track borrower insurance
  • Reduces charge-offs
  • Avoids uninsured losses due to unknown insurance lapse or cancellation
  • Broad coverages customized to each lender’s titled/UCC’d portfolios

View our blog post, "How Lenders Reduce Workloads, Save Money, and Improve Examinations" to read more about Blanket Vendor Single Interest can impact your bottom line. 


Vendor's Single Interest Standard Coverage:

Physical Damage & Theft Protection provides blanket all-risk coverage for damage or theft prior to repossession. Partial and total losses from physical damage and theft are covered up to policy limits. Police reports are only required for theft if obtainable.

Skip and Confiscation Protection covers losses caused by the inability to locate a borrower or obtain collateral seized by a public official. Skip coverage includes professional skip tracing efforts with high success rates to help minimize claims. Repossession services are also available as part of the skip tracing efforts after a borrower and/or collateral has been located.

Modified Actual Cash Value (GAP) pays the difference between the actual cash value (ACV) of a vehicle and the principal loan balance in the event of a total loss up to a limit of $5,000. The actual cash value is based on an average of the NADA clean retail and NADA clean trade-in values.

Non-Filing (Errors & Omissions) covers losses caused by improperly filed liens or unfiled liens on covered collateral.

Repossessed Physical Damage covers physical damage losses sustained within one hundred and twenty (120) days after repossession of your collateral.


Additional Endorsements Available for Vendor's Single Interest:

  • Mechanical Breakdown Expense
  • Broad Form Skip
Coverages offering reimbursement include:
  •  Mechanics Liens
  •  Repossession Storage Expenses
  • Additional repossession and return expenses
  • Primary insurance deductible up to maximum limits


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