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Analyzing CPI – Are “Borrower’s Claims” Really a Member Benefit?

Submitted by Allen Moss on September 15, 2021

Last week I had the privilege of speaking to several executives at a mid-sized credit union about the differences between the CPI program they currently use to protect their consumer portfolio and the Blanket VSI policy that could replace it. We talked through the advantages and disadvantages of each, from the amount of staff time CPI takes compared to the simplicity of Blanket, the direct and hidden costs each program holds for the credit union (CPI has several hidden costs), and the perceptions each program can give to the credit union’s members. When we reached the point in our discussion about member benefit and perception, the credit union’s Risk Management Officer, (who was tasked with playing devil’s advocate throughout the entire meeting) brought up the subject of borrower’s claims and it led us to an in-depth conversation on this apparent benefit a CPI program may have for credit union members.

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Is CPI Fair For Your Auto Loan Borrowers?

Submitted by Allen Moss on May 14, 2021

Many community lenders across the United States deal with CPI every day. It’s a popular strategy used to insure consumer auto portfolios, and in many cases is considered the paradigm for that type of portfolio protection. At Unitas Financial Services, we make no secret of the fact that we believe blanket insurance is a superior product that holds numerous advantages for lenders, from easing compliance considerations to increasing lending efficiency. We love to expound on how blanket products are a lender’s best friend, but perhaps we don’t talk enough about the advantages blanket coverage has over CPI from a borrower’s perspective. To that end, I’ve laid out some differences between blanket coverage and CPI and how they affect consumers.

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Are You Making More RV Loans in 2020? - Unitas Financial Services

Submitted by Allen Moss on October 15, 2020

Last week I stopped in at a recreational vehicle dealership to browse travel trailers. As I spoke with the salesman, he mentioned they had been having a problem for most of the year. 

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A Custom Approach to Mortgage Portfolio Solutions

Submitted by Allen Moss on July 31, 2020

In every town, city, and state across our country community lenders play a vital part in the mortgage economy. Their pivotal role has been highlighted yet again in 2020 as they help families and businesses face the unique challenges this year has presented to all Americans. While they exist in every community, no two community lenders are the same. For that reason, no two mortgage portfolios are exactly alike. 

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Managing Risk in an Uncertain Time - Unitas Financial Services

Submitted by Allen Moss on March 31, 2020

Less than four months into the Twenties of the 21st Century, uncertainty has hit our world and our economy in ways that can aptly be described as unprecedented. Our country and our industry face challenges on a scale that would have been hard to imagine only a few short months ago. When I first sat down to write this, I intended to focus on blanket insurance concepts and how they might be of assistance to community lenders as they strive to be more efficient and better protected.

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The Advantages of VRP for Military Lenders

Submitted by Allen Moss on January 31, 2020

Any lender who serves military customers is familiar with the unique financial challenges and advantages that such customers face as they serve our country.  As a young Army infantry platoon leader in Hawaii I witnessed firsthand many of these scenarios:

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