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Does Your Mortgage Portfolio Have a Backup?

Submitted by Unitas Financial Services on December 08, 2017

Mortgage Impairment protection is a very powerful but often misunderstood set of coverages for lenders.  It was originally designed for loan servicers in order to cover them for a loss that occurred when errors were made in administrative tasks, such as tracking insurance or for loss when something beyond the lender’s control went wrong like a property flooding that was not previously in a flood zone.  The policy was considered backup coverage if the borrower did not have a policy that would pay, if the lender made certain errors, or if there were oversights in loan servicing. Mortgage Impairment (MI) is prevalent among financial institutions, however many lenders are unaware of what the policy actually covers, or may have forgotten that they have it and are missing out on valuable claim dollars.  When is the last time you reviewed your MI (or E/O section of your package policy)?

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How Lenders Reduce Workloads, Save Money, and Improve Examinations

Submitted by Unitas Financial Services on December 06, 2017

A Vendor Single Interest (VSI) policy protects a financial institution, reduces administrative workloads and improves examinations.

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Is Blanket Equipment Coverage right for your portfolio?

Submitted by Unitas Financial Services on December 01, 2017

How is your institution protected against uninsured losses to your equipment portfolio?  If you’re tracking customer insurance on these types of loans—and spending a lot of time doing it—there’s a solution available that eliminates all tracking and force-placing of expensive premiums altogether.  It’s called a Blanket Equipment policy.

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Dodd-Frank Reform Changes Affect Your Lending Practice

Submitted by Unitas Financial Services on November 29, 2017

Dodd-Frank reform will impact lenders in a major way, but it won’t be easy to change or implement as it is comprised of more than 400 separate regulations overseen by several regulatory agencies. If you or your institution is in the business of lending money, it may be a good idea to keep up with you the Dodd-Frank Reform currently under consideration by the United States Congress.

Below is a list of the resources to help you keep up with the latest details.

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Lender’s Insurance on Loan Collateral

Submitted by Unitas Financial Services on November 24, 2017

Track in House, Outsourced Tracking, or Blanket Coverage?  Which is better?

While most lenders want to focus on lending, not insurance,  those who service loans have a necessary but annoying issue to deal with.  The insurance on the collateral you hold for security on the loan, along with the paper and correspondence that goes along with it, creates a lot of work and decisions.  With so many vendors claiming to have the ultimate solution for you (and they claim that their other solutions, which may be less profitable for them, aren’t the answer for you), how do you decide what solution is best for your institution?  There are positives and negatives to each solution that have to be evaluated properly to make the right decision.

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Customer Service, Are You Making the Grade? - Blog - Unitas360

Submitted by Unitas Financial Services on November 22, 2017

Based on their current trajectory, the country’s largest retail banking institutions are expected to achieve a substantial lead in overall customer satisfaction vs. Midsize and Regional banks by 2020,” said  Jim Miller, senior director of banking at J.D. Power.

Businesses of every shape and size tout the top shelf customer service they provide.  Words like reliability, friendly, personal, dependable, and proven are used.  Every representative of their firm says that their company has "great customer service".

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