About Us

Our Mission

At Unitas, we know that community banks, credit unions, and investors are a driving force in their community’s success. That’s why we develop innovative, fully customizable portfolio protection programs and other financial products for lenders and investors, enabling them to remain strong, efficient, and protected as they continue to grow and enrich their communities.

Our Values

We value honesty and integrity, vast product knowledge, and maintaining long-term collaborative partnerships with our clients.

How We Move Our Mission Forward Every Day

We respond quickly; we do what we say we will do, we exceed expectations, we are always learning, we value our relationships with each other and our customers, and demonstrate that daily to our colleagues and customers.


Unitas Financial Services is a leading provider of blanket insurance products like Lender Single Interest or VSI, Blanket Equipment,  Blanket Mortgage, and Mortgage Impairment protection. These solutions eliminate the time and expense to track borrower insurance, reduces charge-offs, and prevents negative contact with borrowers regarding insurance lapses. We also offer force-placed products like Hazard and Flood. In addition, Unitas Financial Services provides Collateral Protection Insurance, Outsourced Tracking of Insurance, GAP, and Loan Default Coverage.  In addition, we provide portfolio protection to real estate investors, property managers, and landlords. 

Unitas Financial Services provides customized specialty lending insurance to the financial services industry by partnering with multiple providers to meet the unique needs of any bank, credit union, or financial institution. All Unitas Financial Services policies are backed by “A” rated insurance providers.

The claims management process truly sets Unitas Financial Services apart from the competition. An internal claims manager assists clients through every step of the claims process including filing the claim, maintaining open communication, and continued follow-up until all parties are satisfied. This process helps ensure claims get settled quickly and favorably for clients.

Company History:

In 2020 Golden Eagle Insurance and Innovative Risk Solutions merged to form Unitas Financial Services. A year later Lender Services Corporation also joined Unitas.

In 1995, William (Bill ) Jones, October 29, 1967 - August 30, 2021, founded Golden Eagle Insurance in Johnstown, OH with the philosophy that common sense, true customer service, and treating others as you would like to be treated leads to long-lasting business relationships. His founding philosophy, along with doing what is ethical and fair has enabled the agency to grow into one of the largest specialty lending insurance providers in the Nation.

Innovative Risk Solutions, Inc. (IRS) was a privately held Managing General Agency established in 2005 with a vision to refocus partnerships between financial intuitions and insurance underwriters to deliver efficient risk transfer program solutions. Their Executive team has a combined 70+ years of experience in building lender-centric programs. Their goal has remained simple, increase efficiency in risk transfer programs by clearly defining the exposure and deliver a targeted solution. See this press release for more information.

Lenders Service Corporation, founded in Louisville, Kentucky by Gary Criscillis, is a licensed Managing General Insurance Agency that has served the insurance needs of the lending community since 1981. They specialized in financial institution coverage including Lender-Placed and Blanket Mortgage Hazard Insurance, Blanket VSI Insurance, Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI), GAP Insurance, Financial Institution Property & Casualty Coverage, and other financial institution insurance programs.  Their nearly four-decade commitment to understanding the unique needs of our lender-clients is a major factor in our continued success. See this press release for more information. 

Meet the Unitas Financial Team