Lender Solutions

At Unitas, we know that community banks, credit unions and other lenders are a driving force in their community’s success. That’s why we develop innovative, fully customizable portfolio protection programs and other financial products for lenders and investors, enabling them to remain strong, efficient, and protected as they continue to grow and enrich their communities.

Since 1995, Unitas Financial Services has been a leading provider of blanket (VSI, Blanket Mortgage, and Mortgage Impairment), force placed products (Hazard, Flood, Collateral Protection and Outsourced Tracking of Insurance) and other loan related products like GAP and Loan Default Coverage. We also offer Protequity, an equity default program that enables expansion of your home equity portfolio. 

Unitas Financial Services is the home of Blanket 360, the world's simplest collateral protection insurance. 


Mortgage Solutions for Lenders

Protects a lender’s home equity portfolio against losses due to borrower default. Allows lenders to increase their combined loan-to-value (CLTV) generating higher loan volume.

Our product suite is designed to streamline the lending process including Flood Determinations, Traditional and Alternative Valuation products, MLRs, and Title Services.

Simplify your administrative workload when dealing with Lender Placed Insurance, Lenders Single Interest and Mortgage Impairment coverages.

Our Involuntary Unemployment Mortgage Payment Waiver covers residential mortgage principal and interest payments if the borrower becomes involuntarily unemployed.

What happens when you combine the best customer service with business intelligence? The most comprehensive and transparent tax servicing platform in the industry.

Consumer Solutions for Lenders