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Kemba Credit Union, Cincinnati, OH

Kemba Credit Union, Inc. has been doing business with Unitas Financial Services since September 15, 2005. At that time we changed from a Collateral Protection Insurance program to VSI.

I cannot tell you how much it has saved the credit union time and money. CPI can be very time consuming since it requires constant attention and not only did the balance get adjusted but so did the payments, Members were very frustrated when they were notified that it was added and in most cases, their insurance agents sent the required information but it was never received because of all of our offices and different addresses. Loan interest had to be adjusted, as well, if the premium was added and not refunded on the same day.

VSI is a very easy product to use. No tracking, notices or debits and credits. Claims processing is very easy and their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. It is nice to know that our collateralized loan portfolio is covered with minimal maintenance. They are very professional at Unitas Financial Services and I recommend them to any credit union.

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